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The Name of the Game

  By Ashley Polite - May 27th, 2022    I'm sure you've noticed how uniquely named our cupcakes are, but have you ever wondered who came up with them? Well let's just say, it takes a village! Our community-oriented business has opened the oven doors to allow customers to input their creative ideas into the Kupcakerie brand.  With the help of customers and the brainpower of the owners and team members, the names of our cupcakes have become just as good as the flavors!    The Kupcakerie Superlatives for the most recognized names go to...     1. Tall Dark & Handsome    I mean come on..     2. Not Yo' Mamas Banana Pudding  So good, you'd want to...

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The Frosting On the Cake

By Ashley Polite March 18, 2022 We all know that cupcakes are life, and one isn't complete without delicious frosting on top.  Did you know that frostings have a style of their own? If not, that's okay because we're here to give you the 411 on our most commonly used piping techniques.  One thing to always remember is that a frosting style can only be created by using specific Piping Tips, ranging from drop flower, to ruffle. Whatever shape you desire, selecting the right tip can easily make all of your 'pipe' dreams come true. Here are Kupcakerie's top 5 decorating tips: #1 Round Tip   #2 Open Star Tip   #3 Large Closed Star Tip   #4 Rosette Tip...

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Cheers, to the Customer of the Year!

By Ashley Polite - January, 28 2022 Pam Scholes, the sunshine on a rainy day. The kind-spirited caramel latte enthusiast Kupcakerie has known and appreciated since the first time our oven doors opened. We all miss her on the days she can't swing by, and we all look forward to seeing her on the days she can. Always supportive, and always positive, Pam (and her beautiful gold earrings) have a special place in our hearts. It is only right to give her the title of being Customer of the Year, and to give you all a little insight on who she is. Here is what the Kupcakerie MVC (most visiting customer) had to say: "I can recall practically stalking Kupcakerie…driving...

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