The Name of the Game


By Ashley Polite - May 27th, 2022 


I'm sure you've noticed how uniquely named our cupcakes are, but have you ever wondered who came up with them? Well let's just say, it takes a village! Our community-oriented business has opened the oven doors to allow customers to input their creative ideas into the Kupcakerie brand. 
With the help of customers and the brainpower of the owners and team members, the names of our cupcakes have become just as good as the flavors! 


The Kupcakerie Superlatives for the most recognized names go to...



1. Tall Dark & Handsome 


I mean come on..



2. Not Yo' Mamas Banana Pudding 

So good, you'd want to slap her.



3. Hot & Bothered

In a good way, of course! 



4. Germaine Jackson 

German Chocolate, Jermaine Jackson..get it?



5. Main Squeeze


"Baby will you be my corona & lime, & I will be your....."



6. Peanut Butta Have My Chocolate 

Or whatever Rihanna said



7. Jazzy Jane 

The sprinkles add the jazz!



8. Cookies & Dreams 

The Oreo cupcake of your dreams.



9. Malibu's Most Wanted 

The Atlanta version.