Cheers, to the Customer of the Year!

By Ashley Polite - January, 28 2022
Pam Scholes, the sunshine on a rainy day. The kind-spirited caramel latte enthusiast Kupcakerie has known and appreciated since the first time our oven doors opened. We all miss her on the days she can't swing by, and we all look forward to seeing her on the days she can. Always supportive, and always positive, Pam (and her beautiful gold earrings) have a special place in our hearts. It is only right to give her the title of being Customer of the Year, and to give you all a little insight on who she is.
Here is what the Kupcakerie MVC (most visiting customer) had to say:

"I can recall practically stalking Kupcakerie…driving by each day down Main Street waiting to see the “Grand Opening” sign announcing the doors were open for business. Now, let’s just say that I’m a coffee hound from jump and a sucker for a great latte; especially if there is caramel involved! So…after much anticipation this little coffee shop finally opened up and I think me and my friend must have been two of the first people in the door! We studied all the cupcake flavors with these super cool names and the yummy display. I was in a chocolate mood that day and I also happen to see that they had caramel lattes on their menu so my decision landed me with a Tall Dark and Handsome chocolate/chocolate cupcake and one of the best lattes I have ever had. This was the first and only local coffee and sweets shop around and oh my, how quickly I became a regular. The cozy ambiance is just welcoming and the latte/baking technicians are all down to earth and friendly folks! As an author myself, I adore that a small library/book section has been added.
I think it's safe to say that I’ve had at least one of almost every flavor they have ever baked and more caramel lattes than I could toss a guess at. Henry made my first latte or my first 1000 as he said to me one day! :). I guess in a roundabout sort of way I’ve been there almost as long as Henry and Kascha; two very fantastic people.
So…if you fancy yourself buttercream icing on a cupcake that's baked fresh every day, or any flavor of latte iced or hot, (I’m a hot latte drinker myself) all garnished off with some good music, a place to have a seat & relax, and a super staff; then check out this spot. You get an all star treatment here. No shame to admit I’m here nearly every morning for my latte fix and often later in the day for that cupcake fix. Y’all rock and it has been one “sweet” ride! Bake on!"

Be sure to grab Pam's favorite caramel latte while reading her mystery novel, 'Under the Mulberry Tree'.  Shop now at