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Cheers, to the Customer of the Year!

By Ashley Polite - January, 28 2022 Pam Scholes, the sunshine on a rainy day. The kind-spirited caramel latte enthusiast Kupcakerie has known and appreciated since the first time our oven doors opened. We all miss her on the days she can't swing by, and we all look forward to seeing her on the days she can. Always supportive, and always positive, Pam (and her beautiful gold earrings) have a special place in our hearts. It is only right to give her the title of being Customer of the Year, and to give you all a little insight on who she is. Here is what the Kupcakerie MVC (most visiting customer) had to say: "I can recall practically stalking Kupcakerie…driving...

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Highlighting the 'Goode' Stuff with Jon Goode

By Ashley Polite - September 17, 2021   While working at Kupcakerie, we have encountered thousands of people. And no, that isn't an exaggeration. Some of our visitors are recurring customers that stop by at least 4 days out of the week. I know their orders by heart, I know how many pets they have, we chat about life, weather, and music depending on what playlist is on at the moment. You're probably wondering how I am able to remember almost everyone right? Well, I've learned to focus on the small characteristics and details of each person. It becomes easier to identify a returning customer when you take notice of their personality, schedule, occupation, and even what they'd normally wear,...

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