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Sylvester: The Modern Renaissance Man

By Ashley Polite - November 19, 2021 A 'Renaissance Man', also referred to as a 'Universal Man', is a simple ideal embodied by a man who has wide interests and is an expert in several areas. It represents someone with well-rounded skills and physical and social pursuits. You may be asking what makes a Renaissance Man "modern". Well, the person who carries those attributes uses his skillsets and knowledge to spread awareness, resources, and support to those around him, pertaining to the functionalities of his current society.   Now, who could that possibly be? What customer is always on-the-go and taking on new ventures? Who's always doing something for the greater good without expecting anything in return? Sylvester Pierce, that's who.   ...

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Perfecting A Classic: Cream Cheese Frosting

  By Ashley Polite - October 22, 2021  Let's be honest.. cream cheese frosting for the win! It's simple, creamy, and no cake or cupcake is complete without it. It only takes about 5 minutes to prepare, and you're only four ingredients away from confection perfection.   Here are our steps for making the most delicious batch:  1) Soften your butter - QUALITY MATTERS. Use the good stuff. We prefer a European Style butter. Nuke it in the microwave for a few seconds or leave it out until it reaches room temp.   2) Cream the butter - Whip until the chunks are gone. This step is essential for a smooth end result.    3) Add the cream cheese -...

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Highlighting the 'Goode' Stuff with Jon Goode

By Ashley Polite - September 17, 2021   While working at Kupcakerie, we have encountered thousands of people. And no, that isn't an exaggeration. Some of our visitors are recurring customers that stop by at least 4 days out of the week. I know their orders by heart, I know how many pets they have, we chat about life, weather, and music depending on what playlist is on at the moment. You're probably wondering how I am able to remember almost everyone right? Well, I've learned to focus on the small characteristics and details of each person. It becomes easier to identify a returning customer when you take notice of their personality, schedule, occupation, and even what they'd normally wear,...

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