Sylvester: The Modern Renaissance Man

By Ashley Polite - November 19, 2021
A 'Renaissance Man', also referred to as a 'Universal Man', is a simple ideal embodied by a man who has wide interests and is an expert in several areas. It represents someone with well-rounded skills and physical and social pursuits.
You may be asking what makes a Renaissance Man "modern". Well, the person who carries those attributes uses his skillsets and knowledge to spread awareness, resources, and support to those around him, pertaining to the functionalities of his current society.  
Now, who could that possibly be? What customer is always on-the-go and taking on new ventures? Who's always doing something for the greater good without expecting anything in return? Sylvester Pierce, that's who. 
Here's what he has to say about being given such a honorable title:


“Hmm....honored to be thought of first off, and I thank you. I give "props" to my father and my 5th grade teacher Ms. Dobbs, who beat in my head that there is nothing you can’t do w/o time and the right tools. Those tools were patience, knowledge, and the willingness to be taught and follow through. Lastly, love and compassion for people.  That lead me to become a CPR/First Aid/ AED/ stop-the-bleed instructor. The ignorance and mishandling of firearms in my community led me to be a firearms instructor. I'd be remiss if I didn't say the killing of Black people at the hands of officers who have no regard for their lives didn't strongly influence my learning of firearms. I instruct all through SPierce Consulting.  More importantly, I started Blackpackerz and BlackpackerzCrew (501c3) with my friends to teach emergency preparation after hurricane Katrina taught us ONCE again that resources will go to the rich, and no one is coming to save you."


"I'm an avid collector of music and comics. I adore Black Art and support as much as I can. I believe that nature is therapy, and indulge in camping, kayaking and hiking as much as possible, while making sure to let other Black people know that enjoying and experiencing nature is NOT "a white thing". The indigenous have thrived off the land for years. Supporting local and Black owned businesses is a priority. Black owned companies will get my money first, and they continually get my money when I see love and professionalism in their service and product. Which is why I LOVE Kupcakerie. I've never had a bad experience or Kupcake. Ever. Lastly, ‘NJE' (Nature/Journey/Excursion) is my new venture and I believe it is a calling. I will take people on hikes and outdoor events to combat depression and aid in suicide prevention.”


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