But First, Coffee!

By Ashley Polite - April 22, 2022
We can all agree that coffee is the way of life right? Whether it be the best part of waking up or a treat at the end of your day, hot, iced, or frozen, nothing beats a perfect cup. 
Coffee has become a staple in many diets. According to E-Imports, Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee per day making the U.S one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world!
It is the drink for socializing, unwinding, and getting things done. But above all, it is the drink you can completely customize to adhere to your taste buds. With so many different flavored syrups, milk/alt milks, sweeteners and roasts you're able to create your favorite go-to coffee beverage with ease. 

If you're curious to know the staff's favorite cup-o-joe, continue reading below:  

I prefer cold coffee all year round! An iced vanilla latte with oat milk + cinnamon to be exact.
  • Matt - Black coffee (untouched by man)
  • Henry - Cortado with whole milk (the purest)
  • Kascha - Hot caramel latte with oat milk (the most popular)
  • Eli - Cappuccino with oat milk + 2 raw sugars (it better be 2 & it better be raw)
  • Seanba - Iced coffee with oat milk + vanilla (extraaaa sweet)
  • Madison - Caramel latte with oat milk + extra espresso (popular & strong - the Jock)
  • Antonee - Mocha latte with oat milk (chocolate thunder)
  • Junior - Iced caramel latte with soy milk + extra mocha (the Jackson Pollock of drinks)
  • Sherri - Hot rose & cardamom latte with oat milk (sips with pinky up)
  • Dami - Iced vanilla chai matcha with oat milk (coffee pot or melting pot?)
  • Hannah - Mocha latte with whole milk + cayenne pepper (she's different, ya'll!)


Be sure to stop by and grab your favorite today :)