16 Insecurities He Has But Won't Tell You About

Guys always have a lot on their minds.  Here's a little insight.   

By Henry Adeleye on March 11, 2016 


A few weeks back, a friend of a friend of a friend's friend (trying my best to be anonymous) was going through a dilemma with his significant other.  He was having issues finding stable and good paying work, and was pondering an opportunity that was extended to him doing what he loves for good money.  Of course it's not that simple.  The job was literally as far away from where they live as you can get while still being in the continental US.  His wallet was telling him to leave, but he knew he didn't want to go that far away from his lady and their child.  In the end, he passed up on the opportunity, but I know it's eating away at him.  Being able to provide is just one of the many insecurities guys have.  This got me thinking about some other things a lot of guys are insecure about but probably wouldn't admit.  So yeah, here you go: 


1.  Thinking about what will happen if he passes unexpectedly.  

He wants to provide even in his absence.   


2.  That you won't be attracted to him forever. 

Especially because he drinks more beer than a human should.  


3.  Being a bad father. 

The dilemma between time and food on the table is always a tough one.  And sometimes even relationships can impede.  But no guy wants to be a bad father.  Even Future.   


4.  Not being better than his dad. 

Because most parents want that for their children.  And he'd feel bad disappointing them.   


5.  Not making enough money. 

I even know surgeons who stress over this.   


6.  Pushing you so far away that you won't come back.  

He's afraid of starting all over again. 


7.  That his kids won't have a better life than he had.  

Similar to number 4, but in reverse. 


8.  That Donald trump will be president.

Sorry, couldn't pass that one up.  No disrespect to Trump.   


9.  About what would happen if he got fired.  

So much of how guys are perceived is tied to their vocation, for better or worse.   


10.  Being stuck career-wise because he's afraid of what will happen if his real plan doesn't pan out. 

And then bringing that negative energy from work home every day.  


11.  Living up to societal expectations.  

Of everything.   


12.  That you'll meet Jesse Williams and ride off into the sunset with him. 

He'd probably do the same too.  And yeah, he secretly compares himself to other guys.  (him, not me)   


13.  Having to help pack your bags when you do. 

How emasculating.   


14.  Being vulnerable around you. 

Guys go through a lot but never have anyone to tell it to because they fear looking weak.   


15.  About the size of his, eh, hands.   

Get your mind out the gutter. 


16.  About disappointing you. 

This is probably the biggest insecurity we have.