Breast Cancer Awareness: Interview with a Survivor

There's strength in stories.   

By Henry Adeleye on October 7, 2016 


We're officially into the first week of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Always believing in doing more than just wearing pink, we interviewed Suzanne Tyree, a breast cancer survivor, to learn her story.  Every battle is different, but there are some great insights we can all learn from people who have had to take breast cancer head on.  Some excerpts from our interview are below:    


When/how did you learn you had breast cancer? 

I was diagnosed in June, 2005.  I went to see the doctor because I had a bite mark on my breast.  She said it was a spider bite, but I wanted to get a mammogram just to make sure.   At that time, they found breast cancer in my right breast.   


What were your first thoughts? 

Due to the fact that I lost my mom to breast cancer, my first thoughts were that I was going to die, too.   


How was the treatment process? 

It was horrible.  I was always exhausted.  I had to go to chemo once a week.  I would sit in a chair for six hours at a time.  Had multiple surgeries.  But my faith, family, and loved ones helped tremendously.       


What role did your mindset play during the treatment process? 

My mindset was that I wanted to live and I was going to do whatever I had to do to fight this.  I think that played a major role in getting through everything.   


What advice can you give to people going through the same thing? 

You're in for the battle of your life, but in the end everything is going to be okay.  Keep a good outlook on life and never, ever give up. 


What advice can you give to their friends and loved ones? 

Try not to let them know you're worried or scared.  They need you to be supportive and there for them. 


What are the biggest lessons you've learned through it all? 

Life is too short, so you have to enjoy every day, and don't take things so seriously.  Also, you have to take care of yourself.