Terence Lester and Love Beyond Walls

How One of Our Customers Provides a Voice to the Voiceless

By Henry Adeleye on June 11, 2018  


Many people think homelessness is a problem too big to tackle head on.  Terence Lester and his team think differently.  Terence and his wife, Cecilia, founded Love Beyond Walls, a non-profit dedicated to eradicating homelessness and raising awareness of the needs of those who often get overlooked.   

Terence has shown a huge dedication to his cause, including living as a homeless man in order to gain a better understanding of the lives lead by the people he is trying to help.  That meant sleeping under a bridge, having to beg for money, getting kicked out of restaurants, and being in and out of homeless shelters.  He also walked (yes, walked) from Atlanta to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis to honor Dr. King this past year, as part of his March Against Poverty initiative in conjunction with the Center for Civil and Human Rights.   

As Terence has become a regular at Kupcakerie, stopping in to fuel up before his daily grind, we came to learn his story and were tremendously inspired.  Check out Love Beyond Walls to learn more and see how you can help.