What to Get Your Man for Valentine's Day

He wants something, even if he says he doesn’t.  

By Henry Adeleye on February 13, 2017 


While baking most mornings, we have pretty in-depth conversations about various topics.  Today, of course, we talked about Valentine's Day.  I asked the girls what they're getting their significant others tomorrow.  Their responses kind of took me aback.  They all said that guys don’t get Valentine's Day gifts.  Maybe their guys had something to do with the Falcons losing the Super Bowl.  That was the only reason I could think that they don't deserve at least a handwritten note.  Or maybe it's Trump's fault.  Either way, I wondered if I was the only one who thought this was kind of weird.  Anywho, I got them down to the point where they at least asked what guys are supposed to get for Valentine's Day, since most won't really want flowers or a giant Teddy Bear (besides me).  So, I did a scientific study to see what type of things make good Valentine's Day gifts for guys.  And by scientific I mean I asked one close friend.  Actually, it was my brother.  So here's what we came up with:     


A Card 

The least you can do is get him a card.  Write a special little note in there to show him how much he means to you, if you'd like.  Or don't.  But at least get the card.   


Sports Tickets

If he's a sports fan, this is a cool way to show that, even though you may not like it when he watches the games all day, at least he can go do it alone so you can have the TV to yourself.   


A Haircut

Nothing makes a guy feel like he can take on the world like a fresh haircut.  Help make him feel powerful.  Plus he'll look better on your date.   



A guy can never have too many.  Look for something that's lacking in his current wardrobe.   


An Experience

When we look back on life, we'll always remember our experiences more than our things.  So providing an experience will go a long way.  Whether it's a trip to a museum, test driving his favorite car, or even going rock climbing, this is a good way to go.     



This is something he doesn’t realize he needs until it's too late.  Don’t let it be too late.     



Because you don't want his hands to always look like he's been punching bricks, or his feet to look like he's been kicking rocks, literally.   



You can't go wrong with a nice Polo.   



If he's taking you out to dinner this year, buy him lunch the next day.   



Everyone has a little sweet tooth.  Find out what his favorite candy is and let him indulge for a day.   



Get his favorite bottle, or a cold six pack.   



Give him a little refill of your favorite cologne of his. 



If religion is his thing, of course.