Be Thankful for the Little Things

This Thanksgiving, make the little things matter.   

By Henry Adeleye on November 23, 2017  


As we begin this day of Thanks and fight over whether there truly is a difference between sweet potato and pumpkin pie (there most certainly is), let's not forget the little things we should all keep close to our hearts.  Just the ability to read this is a privilege not all are granted.  Imagine the things you miss out on because you're caught up in the daily grind.  Take a moment to stop and appreciate.  Send a brief message to those struggling with illness, either of themselves or the people they love, and for those who may have lost people close to them.  Be thankful for the delicious plate you'll indulge in (and the people cooking it) and for the laughs you'll share with friends and family.  Be thankful for the people in your life, especially the ones you have the biggest disagreements with.  Put aside the heartache that a lost job may cause and focus on the positive.  Every day we have the opportunity to get angry, stressed, or offended.  For one day, let's put away our own problems and be thankful for all the little things that life offers.