Do You Take Yourself Seriously?

What could you do if you took yourself more seriously? 

By Henry Adeleye on July 15, 2016 


Do you believe that the major triumphs in life are reserved for those special elites? Have you ever wanted to start something but thought no one would notice? Have you ever sold yourself short because you thought big dreams shouldn't leave the bedroom? Maybe you're not taking yourself seriously enough.  


There's a guy I know who's always doing things to make sure people know how important he is.  Whenever he does that, I always think to myself, "He takes himself way too seriously."  He actually does.  Don't be like him.  But in the sense of believing that even your most far-fetched ideas can come to fruition with a little belief, you can't go wrong with that.   


Now more than ever, the world needs people to step up and start stuff.  We need more leaders, creators, and believers.  We definitely need more good people to run for local, state, and national office.  And we need more people to build the next big thing.  In short, the world needs more people who take themselves seriously.  There are communities that need someone to build them up.  Are you going to step up to the plate?   


Earlier this week, I read an article about how Little 5 Points here in Atlanta came to be how it is today.  In the mid-70s, the area was left abandoned and run down.  Then a band of neighbors decided to do something about it.  Whole strips of vacant stores were bought by people in the neighborhood who pulled their resources together and built something great.  None of them really knew what they were doing at the time, but they took it seriously, nonetheless.  Look at it now.  


What could you do if you felt the same way about yourself?   What injustice could you make right?  What benefit could you give society that you've thought too far-fetched to make a reality?  Take it seriously and you can make it all happen.  We need you to.     




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