A Month In, Here's What We've Learned

A month ago yesterday, we were crazy enough to open a store.  You wanna know what we learned?  Read on and explore.  

By Henry Adeleye on June 3, 2016 


We opened our doors in East Point, GA a month ago.  It really feels like yesterday.  How is it June already?  Anywho, in this short period we've learned a lot about ourselves and about business in general.  And we've learned even more about people and about our wonderful community.  So since we love listicles, we'll use one to go more in depth with some more of what we've learned.  Grab a seat.   


You meet some very cool and interesting people. 

People from all walks of life come through your doors and they all bring a different kind of energy.  The diversity is cool.   


With even more interesting stories. 

Hearing what brought people to the area always turns into a great and/or funny story.   


Community is super important. 

It's been fun getting feedback and seeing what the community would like to see added.  Neighborhood association meetings have been a blast.  We're listening. 


Women use a lot of toilet paper. 

Being married doesn't prepare you for this.   


The mayor is super cool and helpful. 

And she's not a robot, which is pretty nice.     


The permit office will make you vote for Trump.  

Like seriously.    


Sleep isn't an option. 

You'll forget that Atlanta has traffic because you're up before it hits and go home after it's gone.  


No one drinks decaf. 

I guess I'm just a weirdo.    


You make regulars pretty quickly. 

Like day two quickly.   


There are a lot more vegans than we thought.  

And more vegan options are definitely on the horizon.  Should be fun experimenting with recipes.   


People are what matter most.  

Serving people.  Learning about people, including yourself.  Connecting with people.  Finding out their needs and wants.  Or what's going on in their lives, good and bad.  It's all about people.  And we hope to learn even more in the future.  Thanks for a great month!