Happiness Is a Choice

Choose Happy.

By Henry Adeleye on April 8, 2016 


As we draw nearer to our opening (!!!), I feel like I should be a nervous wreck.  But I'm not.  With all the things going on in the world around us, it's easy to get caught up in letting things outside our control determine our happiness.  The truth is, we are the ones ultimately responsible for it.   


It's tough to think of having that burden on you.  The burden of being responsible for the way you feel.  Of not having anyone to blame for your unhappiness when things don’t go your way.  And of course you can't control those actual things, but you can control how you respond to them. 


Through the many hoops and hurdles that have been found on this journey, I've found that the only way to get through anything in one piece is to have a positive attitude.  I witnessed this when a close friend's father passed.  And I witnessed it after the UNC basketball team passed.  You just have to brush it off and keep on trekking.       


When life throws obstacles your way, choose happy.  When you find yourself crying over the same guy who's been doing you wrong since 2010, choose happy.  When there's something or someone who decides their only job in life is to make yours a living hell, choose happy.  Because no matter what, the decision to be happy is ultimately up to you.