Should Girls Take Guys Out for Valentine's Day?

I mean, it IS a leap year.   

By Henry Adeleye on February 12, 2016 


A funny thing happened today.  One of my good friends at work started talking around the office about this rule that states that girls should take guys out for Valentine's Day this year because it's a leap year, and on leap years you do things that you normally wouldn't do.  Like get married on February 29th and make it awkward when your anniversary is supposed to come around the next year.  Or switch up gender roles.   


When he proposed this question to some of the ladies in the office, the conversation actually went much worse than I thought it would.  I assumed they'd laugh it off but kind of agree at the same time, or even say that they already take their guys out for Valentine's Day every couple of years.  But instead, he was met with utter disdain for even attempting to suggest the matter.  So that leads to the question: 


Should girls take guys out for Valentine's Day? 


With the sudden rise in the number guys being taken to Red Lobster as a reward for various things, this shouldn't even be an issue.  And of course, like those Cheddar Bay Biscuits, stuff has to be earned.  For instance, my wife is taking me out this year, but I'd also taken her out seven or so times before (sorry, I lost count).  So it's not that a girl should be the first one to bite the bullet and plan a date, unless she wants this to happen, but rather that it's a subject that shouldn't be as taboo.   


What do you think?  Should the gender roles totally flip?  Do they not matter any more either way?  Should the guy initiate, and then let his lady take the wheel every so often after a few years?  Or is Valentine's Day just a stupid made up holiday with a dumb naked baby flying around shooting arrows at people?  Something fun to ponder over dinner and/or wine this weekend.