30 Non-Netflix and Chill Things to Do with Your New Fall Date

Do something with each other that you'll both actually enjoy.    

By Henry Adeleye on September 11, 2015 


Fall is almost upon us all.  Summer flings are winding down, the days are starting to get shorter, and the temperature drop is making people want to get ready for hibernation.  Cuffing season is in full swing.  And while it may be the perfect time to start up new journeys with new people, it still takes a little work to get the person you've had your eye on.  Netflix and Chill just won't cut it anymore.  As usual, we're here to help.  Try these 30 ideas for your new fall date and ensure you can have something that will last at least until next spring. 


1.  Listen to music at an indie record store.   

Get the juices flowing by listening to some of the best underground projects you can find.  Show off your eclectic tastes.   


2.  Have a picnic in the park. 

Simple is good.  Take a blanket, some wine, and a couple of sandwiches and have a fun, romantic, and cheap date. 


3.  Buy each other your favorite book at a bookstore. 

Nothing shows what type of person you are like the books you read.  Get to know each other on a deeper level by sharing what makes you tick. 


4.  Have a few cups at an indie coffee shop. 

Starbucks will work if you can't find anything else, but the character and soul you'll find at some of the more indie coffee shops will add to the mood. 


5.  Go bowling. 

It's simple and most people like to do it, even if they aren't any good.  Loser pays for dinner. 


6.  Play miniature golf. 

This is right up there with bowling.  Very easy and fun. 


7.  Tour a brewery. 

$10 for all you can drink.  Oh yeah, you can go on a tour as well.   


8.  Go to a festival. 

With hipsterism in full swing, there's a festival every weekend for everything you can imagine.  Indulge. 


9.  See a play or opera. 

Find a local theatre to watch a play or an opera.  Much better than the movies. 


10.  Go out for ice cream. 

Find one of those cool little downtown areas and go for a walk to grab some ice cream.  Try to guess what flavor they'll pick.  Walk around the area and have deep conversations and stuff.   


11.  Grab some food at Whole Foods and eat it there. 

I did that for the first time last week.  The food is actually pretty darn good.   


12.  Attend a local fair. 

Eat the unhealthy and probably unsanitary hot dogs and funnel cakes.  Ride the Ferris Wheel.  Just have a good time.   


13.  Go to a local restaurant week. 

Lots of neighborhoods have restaurant weeks to showcase the unique spots they have to offer.  Search for one in a nearby town and try out some of the cool restaurants there.   


14.  Go to the flea market. 

You'll be surprised at what kind of interesting things you can find.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.  Pick out something for each other.   


15.  Do an open house tour. 

Get dressed up and tour some open houses, pretending you're there to buy.  Make suggestions on the décor and improvements each house could use.  Sound like you know what you're talking about.   


16.  Go rock climbing. 

Find a place that offers rock climbing, for something a little more on the wild side.  Not recommended for people with heart problems. 


17.  Take a hike. 

In the literal sense.  Go climb one of the mountains in your area.  You'll get some exercise and feel accomplished when you reach the top.   


18.  Go to a free concert. 

Like festivals, there's always a free concert somewhere.  Get online and find out where one is.  Go to it.   


19.  Take a painting class. 

Show off how bad your drawing and painting skills are.  Check out Sip n Strokes or something similar.  


20.  Attend a museum or art gallery. 

See some of the latest artwork you can't afford.  Make predictions about what you think the artist was trying to convey in each painting.  You'll have a great time. 


21.  See a psychic. 

Just don't ask if they think there's a future between you and your date. 


22.  Catch a minor league baseball game. 

Another cheap and fun idea.  Take in America's favorite pastime and just relax. 


23.  Rent bikes and ride through trails. 

Rent some bikes and go on a trail ride.  Check out some cool stores on the way. 


24.  Give each other a tour of your childhood neighborhood. 

Show them the place that made you the person you are today.  Hopefully that's a good thing. 


25.  Check out amateur night at a comedy club. 

Because sometimes the amateurs are way funnier than the professionals. 


26.  Do yoga together. 

Channel your inner Tai Chi. 


27.  Volunteer together.  

Build a house together.  Maybe you can show each other that you can make a happy home. 


28.  Play pool at a dive bar. 

Find a nice hole-in-the-wall bar and play some pool and darts.  Loser buys dinner.  Again.   


29.  Go kayaking. 

Float down a lazy river and enjoy nature. 


30.  Test drive an expensive car. 

If there's a company headquarters in your area, go there and test drive one of their cars.  The Porsche headquarters has a racetrack where you can do this.  If you're not lucky enough to have one near you, go to a dealership and do it.  Totally the same thing. 


30(a).  Go to a jazz club.

Have a nice, relaxing and romantic night out and enjoy some great music.  Learn more about each others' tastes in music.  Connect on a deeper level.