36 Questions the Person You're About to Marry Should Know the Answer To

With wedding season underway, be sure the person you're about to spend the rest of your life with can answer these questions.   

By Henry Adeleye on May 1, 2015 


It's the beginning of May, which means it's the end of pollen, the end of cold weather, the end of McDreamy, and the beginning of wedding season!  Whether you're contemplating taking the leap towards marriage, or you're in the frantic and hectic planning stages, there are certain things you definitely want to know about the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with, before it's too late and you can't take it back.  Alas, as usual, there's hope.  Ask the person you're about to marry these 36 questions and build a long lasting bond, or at least avoid some awkwardness and bad surprises down the road.  Some questions are from this great article, and the rest from some pretty unscientific research I conducted: 


1.  Why do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? 

2.  What will you do to keep the romance alive? 

3.  How much debt do you have? 

4.  What's your credit score? 

5.  Are you willing to go to counseling if things get rough? 

6.  If we have different beliefs, how do we handle religion, and what beliefs will we pass to our children? 

7.  Are you willing to lose some battles to keep the peace? 

8.  Do you put the toilet paper over like a normal person, or under? 

9.  Can you promise to put us ahead of anything else, even our kids? 

10.  If one of us is offered a great career opportunity far away from family, do we move? 

11.  Who cooks dinner? 

12.  Will you support me if I can't support myself? 

13.  Will you continue to pursue your personal goals and dreams? 

14.  What makes someone a good parent? 

15.  How often should we see each other's parents? 

16.  Will you take care of your health? 

17.  Will you check me if I don't take care of mine? 

18.  How often will we go on vacations? 

19.  If we are able to live on one salary, should one of us stay at home? 

20.  If I gave you the password to my phone, would you read my text messages? 

21.  Where will we spend the holidays? 

22.  What does my family do that annoys you? 

23.  Could you hang with my friends even if I wasn't there? 

24.  Will there be a television in the bedroom? 

25.  If so, will we be watching your favorite shows or mine? 

26.  Are you willing to give me personal space when I need it? 

27.  Who does which chores? 

28.  Are we going to combine finances? 

29.  How much are we going to save/spend per month? 

30.  How many children do you want to have? 

31.  When do you want to start trying? 

32.  How many years do you want to wait in between each child? 

33.  If I'm the first to go, will you remarry? 

34.  Do you promise to keep going on dates with me? 

35.  Do you promise to always meet me halfway? 

36.  What can I do to make sure we last until the end of time?