15 Decisions You'll One Day Regret

Avoid doing these things and live a much happier life.   

By Henry Adeleye on November 13, 2015 


Regrets are like Friday, the 13th. Actually, they're nothing like Friday, the 13th. Let's start over. We are the sum of the decisions we make. A life full of good decisions usually adds up to be a good life. In contrast, a life full of bad decisions usually adds up to a life full of regrets. That's no way to live. So to help you out, here's a list of some of those bad decisions you should avoid in order to live a regret-free life:


1. Waiting until the time is right. 

What must be done eventually should be done immediately. If you're waiting for the stars and the moons to align, the Falcons to win the Super Bowl, and the Cubs to win the World Series before you start something, you'll die before you get it off the ground. With anything, start with the knowledge and resources you currently have, even if it's not much, then work towards perfection as time goes on. 


2. Not falling in love because you weren't "ready" for a relationship. 

The right person usually comes around when you're not actively looking for them. Always jump at the opportunity to make something special, even if you're not ready for it. When you get older and good, available people are harder to come by, you'll be so thankful you did.  


3. Not saving enough money. 

The temptation to spend is a great temptation. But saving and investing always pays off in the long run. You don't want to have to work when you're 94. Instead, practice frugality, make a budget, get out of debt, save for retirement, and put the surplus towards something you're passionate about.  


4. Not spending time with members of your family. 

Time, distance, and drama can often hinder you from spending time with your loved ones. Find the time to make sure this doesn't happen. When things get tough, you can always count on your family to be by your side. But if you never talk to them, you may end up going through it alone.


5. Holding onto a grudge with someone you were once close with. 

If something ever happens to this person, it'll weigh on your conscience forever. And ever.   


6. Not standing up for a cause you believe in when you have the opportunity. 

Whether it's a football team standing up for a cause close to them, or a breast cancer survivor starting an organization to bring awareness to a cause close to her, be sure to take a stand when the opportunity presents itself. 


7. Quitting too early. 

Understanding a concept in school usually starts off slow, then when you get a little bit of understanding, you're able to quickly solve any problem relating to the concept you just figured out. Success in other areas of life is similar. Things move slowly at first, then all at once they explode. When the founders of Snapchat first started, everyone they showed their idea to wrote it off. After almost a year they had about 20 total users. Now they have 100 million users a day. What if they quit after the initial chilly reception? 


8. Not taking enough days off. 

Sometimes it's good to do absolutely nothing. Don’t work yourself to death. Take some time off to recharge your batteries. When you finally do get back to work, you'll be much more effective. 


9. Not trying hard enough. 

Sometimes people don't get where they want to be because they simply don't try hard enough. That includes not studying enough to get where you want to be academically, not giving your all to that idea you had and watching it sit and collect dust, slacking off at work and getting fired, and procrastinating. Pretty much all that stuff you know you shouldn't do but do anyway. When it hits the fan, and it will, you'll always regret that you didn't give it your best shot.  


10. Settling. 

In life, in love, in your job. The idea that what you have now is all you can get so you should just be happy with it. Forget that. You deserve so much more. Never be complacent.   


11. Having a plan B. 

Eliminate plan B from your vocabulary. It's either plan A or bust. Having a backup plan makes you not work as hard to get what you really want. When plan A has to work, believe me, you'll find a way to make it work.


12. Neglecting your body. 

There are so many preventable diseases out there that you can avoid by just taking care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, watch what you're putting into your body, get some freaking sleep.  


13. Living someone else's life. 

Your parents, friends, family, heck society, thinks they know what's best for you. From what your occupation should be to who you should be attracted to. You can live their way and still be ok, but you can do what you feel in your heart is right and have peace. It may not guarantee success or comfort, but being at peace trumps all of that.  


14. Saying yes to everything. 

When you say no to something, you only feel bad for a moment. When you agree to something you didn't really want to do, you feel bad for a really, really long time. Your time is precious. Spend it wisely. 


15. Living with regret. 

So maybe you've already done some of the things on this list.  There's no reason to dwell on it.  Today's a new day. Start it off right.