Name That Cupcake, Win That Cupcake

Because we couldn't come up with a less cliché title for our cupcake naming contest.  

By Kupcakerie on October 26, 2015 @kupcakerie 


What's in a name?  Why are they so important?  Some people make a name for themselves.  Others let their names define them.  History, families, individuals.  They all give names their meanings.  A rose by any other name wouldn't be as sweet.  Who cares what Shakespeare thinks.  A Kardashian by any other name wouldn't be as annoying.  Think about how different your life would be if your mother named you Bort.  The truth is, names matter.  So for this reason, we need your help in crafting up a name for our new chocolate and peanut butter cupcake.  If you think you have the best name, send us a message with it here, or write it on one of our social media pages.  The person who submits the name we choose will get a half dozen of the new cupcake delivered to them, plus the chance to be famous for a day.  The winner will be announced this Thursday.  Delivery to the Atlanta, GA area only.  Come put your name in the history books.