In 2018, Follow Your Own Advice

Some of the best advice in the world is the advice we give to other people. 

By Henry Adeleye on January 1, 2018  


Some of the best advice in the world is the advice we give to other people.  I can't even recall the amount of relationship or business advice I've given to friends and customers alike, thinking that their lives would be set if they just took this advice to heart.  When it comes to advice for ourselves, however, we're usually unsure of where to look.   


How many times have you told your friend that she should let him go, even though you're with someone you should've been let go?  How many times have you told a mentee to always make sure they're doing what they love, but you haven't made that same leap?  Just the other day I was teaching a friend about inventory control then ordered too many boxes for the store a few minutes later.  In all honesty, if we followed the advice we give to others, our lives would be improved tremendously.   

Of course, it's easier to give advice than it is to take it.  Make 2018 the year this changes.  If you're looking for direction, think about what you'd tell someone else to do.  If you're wondering what your next career move should be, think about the advice you'd give to a brother or sister.  And if you're wondering how to improve your relationship (or whether you should be in it at all), tell yourself what you'd tell your best friend.  Let's take 2018 by storm.