When it Comes to Relationships, Consistency Trumps All

Why some people would rather have consistency than anything else.    

By Henry Adeleye on March 25, 2016 


I have a good friend who is the type of guy a lot of girls ask for but rarely put in the effort to secure.  He's a really nice guy, chivalrous, cultured, educated, and well-rounded.  He actually wants to be in relationships.  But for some reason, since his last long-term one about seven or eight years ago, he's had a lot of trouble finding someone he could truly settle down with.  He likes super artsy girls, but that always led to inconsistencies.  Nice dates but then getting ghosted.  Nice convos about art and music but then getting assaulted like Katt Williams.  Actually I just made that last part up.   


Anywho, so when this new girl started to show up regularly, I started scratching my head.  I thought to myself, did he finally find his dream artsy girl who is also ready to settle down?  Once I met her, I found that she was a really cool person but was not the type he usually goes for.  She was more of a traditional, southern, semi-country girl.  And when we would discuss it, he would always say, "Yeah, she's cool for now, but you know my type." 


Well, "cool for now" has somehow gone on for over two years.  And they're still happily together.  A few weeks ago when we were with a bunch of the guys having guy talk (you know, how to stop global warming, the best stories to read to your kids at night, etc.), I asked him how everything was going with the two of them.  And he responded that things were going really, really well and he was probably going to end up marrying her.  But how could this be?  She wasn't his type.  He liked them more controversial, more outspoken, less manners.   


His response:  She's consistent.              


And that told me everything I needed to know.