The Things People Are Most Lucky to Have

We asked you what the one thing you were most lucky to have was.  This is what you said.   

By Henry Adeleye on March 20, 2015  


Earlier this week, we asked people about the one thing they were most lucky to have.  There were some interesting tidbits in what people revealed.  No one said they were lucky to have anything materialistic.  Life and family were the words that showed up most often, as is evident in the word cloud above that was created from everyone's statements.  It shows that the best things in life are free, something we all have to stop and realize sometimes.  Check out a few examples of what people had to say below:    


"What makes me lucky is to have a supportive husband and great kids."

"One thing I'm luckiest to have is my niece.  She keeps me young and always puts a smile on my face.  Plus, I now have a good excuse to watch baby TV and other kiddie shows :)." 

"I am luckiest to have in my life my family. Family is often the core of the values that we as individuals are raised with, and they define who we are and where we come from. My family is my joy and inspiration, therefore I would not want a single thing more in this life than my lovely family."

"I am lucky to have my health."

"I am lucky to have love, laughter, and happiness." 

"The one luckiest thing in the world to me right now is me starting on this amazing project that is changing my life everyday."

"Definitely lucky to have the greatest, most understanding parents that helped me get through three of my darkest years, and I am back on my own feet." 

"I am lucky to have God, and my faith in Him to be strong and trust in Him when times get hard." 

"I am lucky to have my family and friends.  They hold me down like an anchor.... And I'm a Big Ship!!!" 

"I'm lucky to have my son. There's nothing better than having him here with me."

"I'm lucky to have discovered the virtue of big thinking."