18 Ways to Succeed Without Taking a Risk

How to win at life without doing anything risky.   

By Henry Adeleye on March 6, 2015 


Risk-reward relationships.  The higher the risk for something, the higher the reward can potentially be.  You've probably heard it time and time again to the point of exhaustion, that you have to take a big risk in order to succeed big.  Follow your heart at all costs and make a big impact on the world around you.  The thing about risk, however, is that sometimes things can turn out really, really bad, and you may not be able to bounce back from taking the plunge.  So, as with anything in life worth having, there's a way around it.  Some call them shortcuts.  Here are a couple of things you can succeed at without taking a risk at all.  No sleepless nights.  No hard work.  No blood, sweat, and tears.  Thank me later (or not).       


1.  Succeed in avoiding accidents by never driving between the hours of 12:00am and 11:59pm. 

2.  Succeed in never getting turned down by never approaching that person you have your eye on. 

3.  Succeed in never getting fired by never working a day in your life. 

4.  Succeed in avoiding stress by taking on no responsibilities. 

5.  Succeed in not losing it all by never obtaining anything worth losing. 

6.  Succeed in having no plans fail by not creating any plans to begin with. 

7.  Succeed in never tripping up by never taking the first step. 

8.  Succeed in avoiding being let down by not having any expectations. 

9.  Succeed in being good by not striving for great. 

10.  Succeed in avoiding heartbreak by never getting emotionally attached. 

11.  Succeed in avoiding bad grades by never taking any challenging classes.

12.  Succeed in getting every job you apply for by only applying for jobs you know you can get.  

13.  Succeed in not getting cut from the team by never trying out.   

14.  Succeed in never losing by never playing a game. 

15.  Succeed in never going out of business by never starting one. 

16.  Succeed in never having a bad song by never recording one. 

17.  Succeed in never having a bad dish by never making one.   

18.  Succeed in never having a book flop by never writing one.   


Whenever you come across a legitimate opportunity, you have to embrace risk in order to take advantage of it.  If someone ever offers you an opportunity without any risk, run!  You're most likely being set up (you were being set up with the above list, in case you didn't catch it).  This doesn't mean you should live life running head-first into the fire.  The point is to risk when the possible reward will take you where you want to go.  In most cases, the risk will turn out to be worth it.  For if you fail to risk, you risk failing.