How to Tell Whether It's a Fling or the Real Thing

Take our "scientific" quiz to find out if what you have is real. 

By Henry Adeleye on October 16, 2015 


Part 2 of our cuffing season series.  Click here for part 1 and get some cool date ideas.


So, it's deep into cuddle season and you've found your Mr. or Mrs. Right Now.  The cooler weather and the shorter days have helped to keep people from going astray, making this all possible.  And now you're confident enough to think this may be the start of something great.  There's just one catch:  You don't know if they feel the same way.  You can try being straightforward and just asking them how they feel about you, but it's 2015 and that doesn't work anymore.  So your only option is to take this quiz below to find out whether you've got something that can stand the test of time, or something that will blow away like sand in the wind.  If a statement describes your situation, adjust your points accordingly.  Add up your final score to see where you stand.   


1.  They use the phrase, "I'm not ready for a relationship," even though you do a lot of "relationship" things.  -25 points. 

2.  They make plans with you a month or more in advance.  +15 points 

3.  They say, "let's just be friends and see where it goes from there."  -19 points 

4.  They get mad if you post pictures of the two of you, but also get mad if you post pictures of you with someone else.  -15 points. 

5.  They become distant whenever you ask, "what are we?"  -17 points 

6.  They bring you around their friends.  +15 points 

7.  They bring you around their parents.  +30 points 

8.  The majority of your time together is spent after 10:00pm.  -5 points 

9.  You never meet up on the weekends.  -7 points 

10.  They're a Saints fan.  -5 points 

11.  They take you on dates regularly.  +5 points 

12.  They've taken you as their date to a wedding.  +10 points 

13.  They don't remember your last name.  -75 points 

14.  They don't remember your first name.  -225 points 

15.  They always reschedule on you.  -10 points 

16.  They've gone ghost for more than three consecutive days.  -15 points. 

17.  They leave their stuff at your place.  +20 points 

18.  You can have an argument and not worry that they'll never come back.  +12 points 

19.  They've used the line, "I can't be in a relationship because I'm afraid of getting hurt again."  -27 points 

20.  They're married to someone who isn't you.  -128 points 

21.  Their family feels like your family.  +18 points 

22.  They kiss you with their eyes open.  -3 points 



Greater than 50 — It's a match made in Heaven. 

0 to 50 — With a little work, there's a chance it could become something special. 

Less than 0 — Give up.  Now.