7 Things You Should Fear More Than Ebola

Ebola is in the US.  Good thing is, you probably won't get it.  So here's what to be afraid of instead.    

By Henry Adeleye on October 10, 2014 


Ebola has officially struck the US.  The first US patient has passed away.  The country has broken into panic.  The world is coming to an end.  Actually, it's not.  Truth is, the chances of you getting Ebola are somewhere between zero and -- ok I couldn't think of something clever to say here.  Let's just say, you most likely won't get it.  However, we've never been the type to let good fear go to waste, so here are 7 things you should fear instead: 


1.  ISIS 

I'm not really sure what their true motivation is, but these guys are going around beheading people at will.  Hopefully, someone ends up doing something to stop them.  


2.  US Schools 

It's no secret that there's little hope for the US school system.  We rank lower than pretty much any other developed nation in the subjects that matter.  However, now four-year-olds are bringing heroin to pre-school.  Somebody please help us.     


3.  Signing Autographs As a College Athlete 

As Johnny Football and now Todd Gurley have shown, college athletes can't give fans their autographs without the helicopter mom known as the NCAA trying to take them down.  If you're a college athlete, there are a lot of people who can profit off of your name.  You're just not one of them.  


4.  Stagnation 

Always try to move forward, even if it's only a little bit.  Be afraid of standing still.   


5.  Annabelle 

For anyone who grew up watching Chuckie, she's like his evil twin sister.  I saw the trailer and immediately decided that I was medically ineligible to go to the theaters this year.  The worst part about it, it's based on a true story.     


6.  Nicholas Sparks 

Sparks, the creator of The Notebook novel and movie is back at it again with another movie that is sure to create impossible standards and expectations.  He has to be stopped.   


7.  The iPhone 6+ 

The new iPhone is off to a bad start.  After bending in people's pockets like a straw, it's now being accused of pulling people's hair and beards out.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Anyway, happy Friday!