14 Signs You May Be Living in the Past

Get with the times.   

By Henry Adeleye on October 24, 2014 


We all have a passion for the past at some time in our lives.  Thinking about the things that happened years ago helps us appreciate where we are today.  It's important to note, however, that there's a big difference between remembering the past and living in the past.  Here's 14 signs you may be doing the latter: 


1.  You listen to CDs on a Walkman. 

Once they got the anti-skip feature, you figured you'd never need to buy another portable music player again.  You were wrong.   


2.  You write on people's Myspace walls.   

Even worse is if they respond back.   


3.  You use AOL chat rooms to make friends. 

ASL, anyone? 


4.  You use a flip phone. 

Unless you're Jerry Jones, you have to upgrade.   You're not Jerry Jones.   


5.  You use a VCR. 

I know it's easier to record your favorite TV shows using a VCR than it is to use a DVR or just watch Netflix.  Actually, no it's not.   


6.  You use a Hotmail email account. 

Bonus points if you have an AOL account, too.   


7.  You use a push up pencil. 

See:  title picture.  Lose one of the lead tips and you're done for.   


8.  You're holding onto a relationship that you know won't work. 

If you learn more about your significant other from social media than from them directly, that's a bad sign.   


9.  You have one of those butterfly bows that flaps its wings when you walk. 

Grow up. 


10.  You shop at Blockbuster.   

That actually takes some skill to do.  Kudos.   


11.  You put thought into your AIM away messages. 

"out doing some cool stuff that you can't do.  brb" 


12.  You thought 1994 was 10 years ago.

That would be 2004.


13.  You did the math in your head to make sure it wasn't.

Admit it.  


14.  You always talk about the good ol' days. 

Seriously though, everything was better back then.  So, stop hating.