Relationship Woes: My Girlfriend Broke Up with Me Because of Who I Followed on Instagram. She's 40.

It's hard out there.   

By Henry Adeleye on July 1, 2016 


Disclaimer:  This situation isn't about me.   


A friend asked me to write about a relationship situation he's going through.  I agreed.  Long story short, it's hard out there.  Let's get into it:   


Situation:  His girlfriend of about six months broke up with him.  After arguments over random people who liked his pictures on Instagram and even more random people he followed, she finally said enough is enough.  She cut it off like she was Britain and he was the EU.  And she could care less what the world thought.  He was a little shaken and caught off guard by the whole situation.  Six months is usually the timeframe when people can't hide who they are anymore, but he certainly didn't expect that.  This is something they've argued over in the past.  So she felt he should've changed by now.  Maybe he should've seen it coming.  Anyway, was she wrong for breaking up with him over a somewhat trivial matter?  Or should he have just deleted his Instagram account after the first argument to appease her?  She's 40, by the way.  Not sure if that changes things.  But it  ̶s̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶  may.   

Response:  Love, like happiness, is a choice.  There are a million things that can make you think you should look elsewhere for love, but to build a lasting relationship, you have to consciously choose to ignore those things.  Even the perfect person can do some things that can make you think you're better off traveling the world alone in true Millennial fashion.  And with every thing that goes wrong, you have to ask yourself if it's worth breaking up over.  At what age do we stop taking social media so seriously?  If it was going down in the DM, that's a whole 'nother story.  But random liking of pictures are a non-event.  At the same time though, if something really bothers someone, there are things you can/should do to help ease the tension.  That just depends on whether or not you want to make that choice.  But I think they're better off broken up.  This was a house made of sand built in the water.  Mud.  


What do you think?